Tricks that can make your lashes look amazing

Women pay so much money for products that will make their lashes look huge and voluminous, they even spend money on fake lashes. We’ll save you some dollars because there are tricks that can make your lashes look amazing.
1. Lash Curler
Always use the lash curler before applying mascara. Curl your lashes from their root and hold the curler for 20 seconds. You’ll notice the results immediately.
2. Baby Powder
If you want to have long and voluminous lashes then do this: After curling your lashes, put some baby powder on them. Wait a couple of minutes and then apply the mascara. The results will be amazing.
3. Use the Eye Shadow
Don’t remove the extra eye shadow that’s left on your lashes. Apply your mascara over the remaining shadow, this way you’ll get extra volume.
4. Rich and Defined Lashes
Apply one layer of mascara and then get an old, clean mascara wand and comb through your lashes. With little effort and patience, you’ll get fabulous lashes.
5. The right Way to Use Your Mascara
The best way to use mascara is to start from the base of the lashes, wiggling it in left to right. The get the full effect, start applying from the outer corner and then move towards the middle. This way your lashes would not look messy.
6. Two Coats of Mascara For a Seductive Look
To create a sexy look, apply waterproof mascara on your bottom lashes and your ordinary mascara on the upper lashes. This way you’ll make your eyes look bigger and sexier.

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