5 Easy and Healthy Ways to Remove Your Eye Makeup

Removing your eye makeup can get a little tricky, especially if you do it at 3 in the morning. These products will help you remove your eye makeup easy and quick. They’re chemicals free and you already have them in your home.


1. Herbal Cream
Herbals creams are the best. They’ll make your skin soft and beautiful. Not only is excellent for removing your eye makeup, it’s also great for your overall skin care.
2. Vaseline
It’s ideal for removing waterproof makeup. Put Vaseline on some cotton and gently remove your eye makeup. Apply some on your lips too to make them soft.
3. Grape Seeds Oil and Castor Oil
Mix 3 tbsp. grape seeds oil and 1 tbsp. castor oil in a cup. Use this mixture to remove your eye makeup. This mixture is especially great for sensitive skin.
4. A Mixture of Herbal Oils
Mix some olive oil, castor oil and turnip oil. It’s the best product for removing eye makeup.
5. Baby Shampoo
One drop of baby shampoo is enough to remove your eye makeup.

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